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Forum/Seminar Invitation How Fabrics Make Outdoor Furniture Outstanding

Release time:2017-03-20author:damin

In order to reinforce the collaboration between the outdoor furniture manufacturers and outdoor fabrics suppliers, and to be more competitive in the outdoor furniture global market, Mosaroma accepted the invitation from the Outdoor Furniture Association and the Universal Garden Life Festival hosting the show,especially on the applications of the soft parts ( such as cushions and pillows) for outdoor furniture. Mosaroma/ Axvision will share how to utilize outdoor fabricsperfectly and make outdoor furniture more outstanding on the 39th China (Guangzhou) International Home Furnishing Outdoor Furniture ExhibitionZone ( also for the 2nd Global Garden Life Festival Forum). The sharing will focus on the sources of fashion elements, the changing of outdoor lifestyle, and the practical contents of various colors for the outdoor furniture.

In the seminar, the lecturer, Mr. Wang, will exchange the update progressing about colors and specific usages on the colors with the audience as the inspiring ideals for the development of the outdoor furniture market.

Axvision is a high-tech textile brand from Taiwan. It specializes in sunshade fabrics and outdoor furniture fabrics. The products are rich in colors, excellent in color fastness to light plus anti-aging. Its premium quality is comparable to that of Europe and the United States well known brands. We could say it’s the most cost-effective textile brand up to date. Since the 1970s, Axvision’s parent company set up factories in Taiwan producing textile fabrics, and has become the largest all weather fabric manufacturer. The company is well equipped with advanced production facilities, chemical fiber industry chains and creative fabric designing team in Taiwan. The products are highly recognized by customers in Europe and USA. Axvision multi-function fabrics are guaranteed for 3 years and perfect for indoor/outdoor furniture or shades awnings.

Through this Seminar, Mosaroma/Axvision will talk about the topics on "How Fabrics Make Outdoor furniture Outstanding" with the wonderful presentation in the forum.


How Fabrics Make Outdoor Furniture Outstanding


 9:30am -11:30am,March 20, 2017





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