Axvision is originated from the 1970s. Its parent company specializes in indoor and outdoor upholstery/ home decoration fabrics and all weather fabrics in Taiwan for more than 40 years. The company has broken through the technology of Solution-Dyedprocesses which have been monopolized by Europe and the United States for many years in view of people's yearning for outdoor leisure life and the rise of high-quality outdoor furniture industry in Asia. After more than 20 years of technical research and development and continuous innovation, Mosaroma developed the multi-functional fabric that is comparable to European and American brands in the market.



Since 2005, Axvision multi-functional fabic has gradually replaced the outdoor umbrella fabric produced in the United States. Axvision multi-functional fabric is made of a variety of high-performance particles using Solution-Dyed technologyand mature yarn processing to produce imitated short fibers. Relying on high-quality weaving control, Axvision fabric has been successfully applied to extremely harsh outdoor environments. High performance, diverse optionsand reasonable pricesare complimentedby all the specialists who have chosen Axvision multi-functional fabric.



Axvision multi-functional fabric entered the Chinese market in success as well because of the product's own performance advantages with the best after-sales service under quality assurance. Axvision brand was well-known for the furniture industry of Taiwan in 2010 but not so popular amongst local furniture users in China at that time. In order to lunch Axvision brand in China market successfully with localized sales and superior service, the seamless cooperation between Axvision and Mosaroma International Co., Ltd. was started and then provided the timely best service of imported products.


After years of efforts, Mosaroma International Co., Ltd. has become the chief and leading outdoor fabrics supplier in China with the various varieties to choose, the largest inventory and the most intensive service network. Axvision also has turned to be the distinguished brand in China provided by Mosaroma, and has been fully recognized by the market. 




 The brand spirit of Axvision is to keep making innovative breakthroughs in the competitive market. The spirit has been existing in the gene of the parent company more than 40 years. And this gene is also like the blood, implanted in the brand of Axvision. Axvision will carry the brand spirit to retain the traditional craftsmanship aesthetics with endlessly research and development under ceaselessly creativity. 


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